Most Asked Questions

What is Eco Island Energy Solutions and what do you do?

We are a locally owned and operated electrical services company in Prince Edward Island. Eco Island Energy Solutions can provide a wide range of services, including designing and installing your new solar power system, heat pump installation and electrical wiring of new or existing construction!

Why choose Eco Island Energy Solutions?

Not only are we proud to be a locally owned and operated company in PEI, but we are confident in our professional services and competitive pricing! Our experienced and certified team is ready to guide you on your move to solar and energy efficiency at home or for your business.

What rebates are offered in Prince Edward Island and how do they work?

The solar rebate is offered by the government of Prince Edward Island as an incentive for Island homeowners, farms and businesses to lead a more energy efficient life and become more sustainable by installing solar PV panels. The rebate is currently offered at a rate of $1.00/Watt installed, up to 40% of the installed cost, to a maximum of $10 000. For more information on the rebates and how to apply click here!

There is also a High Efficiency Equipment rebate for the purchase and installation of heat pumps, for more information on that rebate, click here!

How are my energy costs reduced by solar panels?

The electricity generated by your solar system is used to power your home. Power that is produced but not consumed by you is sent to the local grid and you are credited for that power by Maritime Electric. These credits can be used over the next 12 months when your solar power production is lower then your power consumed.

How long do solar panels last?

Both solar panels and inverters carry their own warranties. Inverters have a 10-year warranty with the option to purchase an extension. The industry standard for solar panel warranty is 25 years, offering you peace of mind that your investment in solar will be covered for years to come!

What information do I need to get a free quote?

Click here to find the request for quote form! To fill it out you will need: your personal contact information; preferred contact method; and your total annual KWH usage! (to learn how to calculate your KWH usage, click here!)

What type of maintenance do solar panels require?

Solar systems require very minimal and simple maintenance; keeping the panels free from snow, cleaning the glass a couple times a year, and watching for signs of rodents accessing the system. How to care for you system is one of the many things we will discuss as we guide you through the incorporation of the solar sytem in your home!

How much does it cost and how big do I need the system to be to power my home/business?

System cost is based on the size of the system required, in general it is $3.00 per Watt installed on a rooftop system. The size of system is directly based on the amount of energy you usually use throughout the year. We will calculate how much energy you use based on previous energy bills and adjust the system size according to your specific needs. Click here to get started with a quote!

Can farms and business access the same rebates and financing options offered by the province to home owners? are there other incentives for business to go solar?

Yes, both the rebate, and the finance option offered through the Prince Edward Island governemnt, can be accessed by eligible business and farms. Business can also benefit from the Federal CCA Tax credit for renewable energy!